@RSS 2015 - July 17, 2015 - Sapienza University of Rome

I.T.I.S Galilei, room 104


The Workshop will take place at the I.T.I.S Galilei, room 104

Starting times Type speaker title link
8h30 Talk Rachid Alami (LAAS-CNRS) workshop introduction  
8h45 Talk Rachid Alami (LAAS-CNRS) Human-Robot Hand-Over, a survey Abstract
9h30 Talk Mary Ellen Foster (University of Glasgow) Robot bartending: Handing over the right drink to the right customer (invited talk) Abstract
10h Talk Stefan Glasauer (LMU) Handover in humans and robots - experiments and a probabilistic model (invited talk)  
10h30 Break      
11h Session 1 chair: Mamoun Gharbi Contribution papers  
---- 11h Paper presentation - Andras Kupcsik, David Hsu, Wee Sun Lee Dynamic Human-Robot Object Handover Learning from Human Feedback Paper
---- 11h10 Paper presentation - Lior Sayfeld, Ygal Peretz, Roy Someshwar, Yael Edan Evaluation of Human-Robot Collaboration Models for Fluent Operations in Industrial Tasks Paper
11h20 Talk Marek Sinason (University of Birmingham) Human hand-over behaviour benchmarks for human-robot object exchange (invited talk) Abstract
11h35 Panel 1 Mary-Ellen Foster, Chien-Ming Huang, Marek Sinason User study on hand-overs Subject
12h35 lunch break      
14h30 Talk Mamoun Gharbi (LAAS-CNRS) Planning where to achieve a hand-over Abstract
15h Talk Katsu Yamane (Disney Research) Robot Motion Synthesis and Control for Human-Initiated Physical Interaction (invited talk) Abstract
15h30 Talk Anthony Remazeilles (Tecnalia) Towards Human-Robot object exchange, lessons learned (invited talk) Paper
15h45 Talk Marco Controzzi (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna) Human-inspired release controller for natural robot to human handover tasks (invited talk) Abstract
16h break      
16h30 Session 2 chair: Rachid Alami Contribution papers  
---- 16h30 Paper presentation - Klas Kronander, Aude Billard Toward Safe Interaction Control with Dynamical Systems Paper
---- 16h40 Paper presentation - Efi Psomopoulou, Zoe Doulgeri Human-inspired object load transfer in hand-over tasks Paper
---- 16h50 Paper presentation - Zhi Li, Kris Hauser Predicting Object Transfer Position and Timing in Human-robot Handover Tasks Paper
17h Panel 2 Marco Controzzi, Katsu Yamane, Rachid Alami, Jim Mainprice Algorithmic issues around hand-over Subject
18h15 End      
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